The Allnatt – One Of The Most Significant Yellow Diamonds In History.

The 101.29ct fancy vivid yellow diamond known as the Allnatt is considered by many experts as “one of the most significant yellow diamonds
in history.” The diamond was named after its former owner, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt (1896-1969) a businessman, philanthropist and collector of art and natural color   diamonds. Major Allnatt commissioned Cartier to make an extremely unique five petal flower brooch which is still used to showcase the diamond today.

The Allnat Yellow Diamond

The Allnat Yellow Diamond

In 2000 the diamond was graded by GIA as a fancy vivid yellow, and at the time it was the largest vivid yellow diamond graded by the laboratory. The Allnatt was later on display at the Smithsonian in 2003 as part of the “Splendor of Diamonds Exhibit” alongside the Steinmetz Pink, The Heart of The Eternity, The DeBeers Millenium Star, The Pumpkin Diamond, and The Moussaieff Red.

Beyond its impressive size, The Allnatt’s charm is derived from a well-made cushion modified brilliant cut with a French-style culet.The combination of eight large pavilion main facets and a unique arrangement of the star facets create an impressive mosaic of the stone’s vivid color. The Allnatt currently resides in New York’s diamond district with a collector who would like to remain anonymous at this time.

Blog Courtesy of The Natural Color Diamond Association.